‘Baywatch’ beauty Donna D’Errico on searching for Noah’s Ark, and leaving her wild past far behind

“Baywatch” beauty Donna D’Errico made news recently when photos of her battered face, injured climbing Mount Ararat in her search for Noah’s Ark, went viral. The 44-year-old blonde was on a quest taking her even further from her past as the ex-wife of Motley Crue wild man Nikki Sixx and the September 1995 Playboy playmate. Today D’Errico is deeply committed to her Catholic faith, a mother of two… and searching for Noah’s Ar

Read more: http://www.foxnews.com/entertainment/2012/08/28/baywatch-beauty-donna-derrico-on-searching-for-noah-ark-and-leaving-her-wild/?cmpid=cmty_%7BlinkBack%7D_’Baywatch’_beauty_Donna_D%E2%80%99Errico_on_searching_for_Noah’s_Ark%2C_and_leaving_her_wild_past_far_behind#ixzz25FrQJMsI

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